No doubt, you will find lots of information available about the very famous game Hay Day. However, still a majority of the time you will find only benefits of playing the game. No one will show tell you some issues of the game. As you are playing the game then make sure, it requires currency.

It doesn’t matter you are a skilled player or beginner, and currency should be your first priority, so you need to pay attention to it. Hay Day hack will give you the opportunity to gain free Coins and Diamonds. It is also essential to use the internet connection because the game is not offline.


Hay Day is a farming game in which players will get a big farm. Basically, the player needs to start farming like crop different things in field crops like-

  • Bananas
  • Soya beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Sugar Cane
  • Fruit Trees

So, you need to play attention on all these things after starting the game. Make sure, and you need to buy different pet animals like cows and pig those will provide you with a good income. Simply start production in the farm, you will earn currency and make the farm extra large as possible as you can.

Don’t forget to feed your pet animals

If you are paying the Hay Day, then you must not forget to feds your pets. Basically, you need to open you are game after some hours in order to collect the production and fed the pets. If they stay hungry, then it is possible that they may get dead. In addition to this, if you want to keep them alive then keep feeding them and collect whole things from the field. Nonetheless, this is the most and helpful point that will give you the opportunity to stay best in the game.