Episode Choose Your Story is a multiplayer simulation game which is based on the interesting stories and drama. You get many of the options here to choose your favorite stories such as Romance, Heartbreak, and mystery. In the starting point of the game, you have to create your characters as per your choice. You can change the skin tone, hair, eyes, nose and many more parts to make a perfect character. For the beginners, it is quite challenging to complete this process. It’s better for them to use the guides to know more deeply about the customization features.

Moreover, it is launched by the Episode Interactive studio with high rated graphics and exciting gameplay. If you want to become the winner, then you have to create your own stories to earn more points. The game provides you with many of tasks, and it is better for you to complete all of them.  Follow all the instructions of Episode Choose Your Story and enjoy the unique stories.

Quality tips

  • In the game, you have to read and make the stories to earn the primary currency passes. It is must to spend more time to earn more passes.
  • Participate in the tasks and missions to improve your performance. Try to use all the resources which are given by the game.
  • It is not hard to earn the points by reading all of the stories. Sometimes players like the story and read them with interest.
  • Try to avoid the usage of real money in the game, because it makes the game easy and no need to use the effort in these cases.
  • Players should always clear the first levels without wasting time and money because it makes the future tasks easy for those players.

More about the game

It is beneficial for the players to create the own story in the game. Players can take help from the YouTube to learn the best ways to make the perfect stories. Concentrate on the story line up, because it is the main concept of the game. Spend more time on the script and dialogues to become the popular player or by getting Episode Hack.

Players should use the right actor for their work and character. It is a very simple step and no need to waste extra time on it. Furthermore, always try to make simple and unique stories, because it saves money and time both.