Walking Dead Our World is a great mobile game, and you can meet with unlimited zombies. For completing every mission, you will get many rewards. You can win coins and gold in the game for increasing your performance. You can download the game from the Android and IOS markers. It is a different action game, and you need an internet connection to play the game.

Use the right weapon    

It is not an easy task for you, because you have to select the right weapons for the strong zombies. You will face many different walkers in the game, and you have to give your best to kill the enemies. If you want to kill the stronger zombie, then you need to use a big weapon to increase the damage of enemies.

When you are selecting the weapon, then the game show you what is right for you or not. Take help from the guide to know more about the weapons.

Shooting tips    

It is important for you to learn the skills to hit more and more enemies. Always try to kill the zombies with the help of headshot. These headshots can help you to do more damage to zombies.  You will see many of those challengers who have more power than you; at these moments you should use the headshot to kill the zombies easily.  Always try to take care of your group partners, because you can’t do fight with hundred of zombies alone.

 Safe houses

When you clear the basic level, then you can use the safe houses by increasing your level. You have to collect a huge amount of coins to buy the tokens for these houses.  You can also use these houses by spending your gold coins on it by trying Walking Dead Our World Cheats.