Pixel Car Racer is the favorite game of many people, and they are spending much time on it. The gameplay depends on two kinds of games like drag and street. Both are enjoyable, and you can race with friends. It is suitable for IOS and Android. The game is very handy for downloading because it is free for everyone. Millions of online users are active, and it also has RPG mode. For leveling up in the game, we have to collect many kinds of things and currency is one of them. Without enough amount of currency, we cannot beat the gameplay so you can use Pixel Car Racer Cheats. It is not taking much time for adding some amount of currency.

More about currency

The prime part of the game is currency and statistical points. Both are advantages factor of the game and most of the players are seeking for currency. In the game, cash is used as the main currency, and along with it, Stat points are also valuable.


Cash is in the virtual form, and you can easily see you’re earning on the top of the game display. It is used for buying various things and upgrading cars. The high amount of cash is always giving an additional chance for winning in the game. Some bonus cash around 1500 $ is added in your account, and it is for a perfect start.

Stat points

As you earn statistical points, spend them for enhancing the performance of the car. By the help of such points, you can swap the car engines and open many locked cars. Earning of such points is not an overnight task for it. We have to skilled enough in racing, and you can take the help with Pixel Car Racer Cheats.