Choose a welder of your choice: A Beginner’s Guide


A doctor without stethoscope is a mechanical engineer without a welder. Welding is considered as the most common and extensively used activity in the workshop. The process includes the activity of joining metals through fusion and the instrument helps in generating the energy required for fusion.

There are verities of welders available in the market with varying specifications full filing the diverse need of the engineer’s and mechanics in the workshop.  Now the main issue that a novice or a pro faces while trying to choose a welding machine is to buy a welder which could fit well for all the purposes. But the reality responds with a big NO. There is no such welding machine that could single-handedly help you get all the welding purposes solved and win the title of best welder for a beginner that’s why you can read welders reviews and get the best welders for you.


Guide to choose: How to buy one?

Since there are no such all-rounder welding machines, one needs to choose one very carefully. With the myriads available the most prevalent three are the welders associated with MIG welding, TIG welding and stick welding or arc welding.


Best MIG Welders for a beginner:

This kind of welders comes handy for a neat and clean welding purpose. More importantly, they offer an easy fusion process.

Since these kind of welders are high energy consuming welders, hence they are not suitable for a household holding. Using this kind of welders at home can make you checking and repairing your fuses for a number of times. With this many kind of advantages, still, these welders are a favorite for a lot of people because of the easy handling, low maintenance, and obviously consistent performance.

Last but not the least, MIG welders are cheaper at price in comparison to other welders.

Best welders coming into this category are:

      Miller Electric 120/240v AC Welder

      AHP AlphaTIG 200x Welder

      Hobart 500421 Stickmate LX 235 AC/DC Welder

      Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder


Best TIG welder for a beginner

With more advanced technology and complex handling procedure, this would not be the choice if you are at the welding workshop for the first time.  These are not the cheap welders like the MIG welders but with price comes the quality.

Best Welders for a beginner coming into this category are as follows:

      AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 AMP Welder

      ESAB 0558101694 MiniArc Welder

      Miller Diversion 165 TIG Welder 907626


Best Stick Welder for a Beginner

The most used & common variety of welding that is found to be used in the workshop is this one. These welders are capable of producing deep and strong welding joining thick to thickest metals.

Best welder for a beginner in this category are as follows:

      Hobart 500421 Stickmate LX 235 AC/DC Welder

      Miller MIL907134 Maxstar 150 S 120-240V Stick Welder

      Miller MIL907134 Maxstar 150 S 120-240V Stick Welder