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WWE Supercard is the new way of playing with WWE superstars. The game is developed by WWE team and has added all players. In the new digital gaming era, every user wants a simple and reliable game they can enjoy. In the latest card game developers have added thousands of Superstars. From New to Legendary players all are available in the game. Legendary player cards are hard to get, the easiest way to get them by WWE Supercard hack.

Gameplay features

In the game, you earn card of every player. Depending on your playtime you can get as many cards as possible. Play bigger matches and earn cards and experience points. There are multiple cards, and boosting cards are also available. So you can also increase the strength and fusion them with more effective cards.

Play matches like Elimination Chamber and Royale rumble can reward you with higher experience points and many cards. Each and every card is different and has various functions. Some are for boost, and few are for energy.


There are millions of users around the globe and. Lots of them are the well-known player and to gain higher points you can compete with them. Even if you win, you can get three times XP points than normal matches.

You can only unlock all your cards by playing game, and sometimes you face touch rivals, so it gets difficult to win. You can win difficult matches with just WWE Supercard hack, it will help you win matches easily.

However, WWE Supercards are one of the best card game you will play in the current time period.