If you are talking about the most popular Spanish actor then the only name that comes to the mind is Ursula Corbero. She is the best and most beautiful Hollywood actress which was born in Barcelona, Spain. Her birth date was 11 August, 1989 and at the age of six she wanted to become an actress. She played lots of role in various TV series and also the most popular in which she worked is Antena. In it, she played the role of Ruth. Also, Ursula Corbero played a significant role in Money Heist which is the most popular TV series on Netflix.

Her love regarding jewellery

It is the major and exciting things to know that Ursula Corbero loves to wear jewellery and that which is in the form of stones and gems. She once said in an interview that when she went to her grandmother’s home, then there is a safety box present. She also told that she was very curious to know what is inside that safety box. She once told her grandmother that she wanted to know what’s inside the box. So, her love regarding the jewellery is fascinated by her grandmother. Moreover, there are lots of things also present that relates to Ursula Corbero which told more about the same Hollywood actress.

More to know about Ursula Corbero

Another major thing amount the same Hollywood actress is that she moved to Madrid after completing her studies. She dated for men in her life. In 2008, she first dated Israel Rodriguez for two years. After that she dated a tennis player for only five months. After that she dated an actor and model for the three years and finally, she again dated an actor Chino Darin.

Ursula Corbero confessed that she is a feminist. The fans of Ursula Corbero are in large numbers and if you are also her great fan, then you can watch ursula corbero naked on her official website.  There are many more things also present that are related to Ursula Corbero and also her personal life.